Rock Week Update. Confirmed Cocktails.

So we managed to narrow down and create a good 10 cocktails from our rock pun names.

Rage Against the Cream (Strawberries and Cream flavoured)
Green Wray (Melon Rum Punch)
Heering Through the Grape Vine (Cherry Sangria)
GingerbrEd Sheeran (Gingerbread flavoured/ Obvious)
Bowling For Ciroc (Red Berry and Vanilla Flavoured)
Dolly Patron (Orange Tequila Flavoured)
David Bowmore (Sour, Whiskey with savoury twist)
Sex on Tiki fire (Tropical Flaming Punch)
Rihannarita (Barbados rum, spiced)

Rockstar Martini (A Badass Pornstar Martini Twist)

More details of each will be released soon!