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Broken Heart

An aptly named gin as we are approaching Valentines Day, so this one is for everyone who might need a stiff drink this time of year… or if you just love gin, I don’t want to leave anyone out. Broken Heart is made in New Zealand by two German distillers Bernd a former pilot and Joerg an engineer. It has a total of 11 botanicals including; lavender, pimento, ginger, angelica root, hops and malt. The result is a good balance of earthy notes and spice while still being fresh working well with orange peel and raspberries in a G+T.

The name Broken Heart comes from a sombre story. Bernd and Joerg were the best of friends, who even had a ritual of having a gin once a day at dusk together, ‘the taste of the time in-between’. Bernd however fell ill and passed away so Joerg saw the project through to the end and named it Broken Heart for him while he was healing with loss and onto the new. Much like their ritual, a time in-between.

Cocktail Suggestion


A great one to work with the lavender and citrus, using Broken Heart Gin, Violet Liqueur, Maraschino Liqueur and lemon juice.