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Buss No.509 Persian Peach Gin

As you might expect the big selling point for this gin is it’s flavour Persian Peach, not one you see very often in a gin even paired with such a flavour. But with the company Buss Spirits priding themselves on being the ‘odd one out’ then it’s no surprise. And you’d be incined to believe they know what their talking about with Serge Buss’s grandfather cooking for royals and his father owning a string of restaurants.

The Gin Itself

It has some traditional botanicals and some not so, including; juniper, coriander, liquorice, angelica, vanilla, cardamom, iris, orange, lemon and fresh Persian peaches. With a predictable sweetness to it, the recommended mint leaves work really well to still create a refreshing G+T with a fruity tropical twist.

Cocktail Suggestion

Peach Martini

Made to bring out that nice fruitiness but not go over the top on sweetness, using:

Fresh Peaches,

Buss No.509 Persian Peach Gin,

Peach Bitters,

Dry Vermouth,

Lemon juice,

Mint Leaves.