New Mixer For Gin

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Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil

This is a premium mixer that gives you a bit more of savoury side to the gin, which for me is great because more often than not every drink option is super sweet. Or if it’s the tonic you don’t like and you’re wanting an alternative this is a great to bring out the fruity or herbal botanicals without being overpowering.

My Top 3 Pairings

Durham Gin

With botanicals like celery, elderflower and black pepper. Works great with the mixer and some black pepper and celery to bring out the savoury side

Gunpowder Gin

While Gunpowder gin is fairly dry and citrusy, the pomegranate in the Double Dutch balances it well, along with a strawberry and mint garnish.

Edgertons Dry Pink Gin

Definitley my top pick, Edgertons has pomegranate seeds as a main botanical and pair it with some and basil to bring it it out in full force. Not to mention it looks fantastic.