Rum of the Week

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Sweet Potato Spiced Rum

That’s right you heard, a spiced rum made from sweet potatoes! As well as some sugar cane molasses (it has to be rum in some way!). Sounding patriotic, the rum is bloody good and made in England (maybe that’s the reason!) by The Sweet Potato Spirit Company.They definately have a love for the vegetable because they have 3 more spirits made from them too. The bottle is nice and slender as well.

The Rum Itself

With it being a spiced rum it has spicy notes of; ginger, vanilla and black pepper. It’s also quite a sweet rum with lots of caramel and a bit of cherry too. Great for nice sweet warming drink at 42% ABV. With quite a thick body where a couple of ice cubes wouldn’t go a miss.

Cocktail Suggestion


Traditionally using whiskey but this sweeter rum alternative will work really well.


Lemon Juice

Ginger/Ginger Liqueur

Sweet Potato Spiced Rum