Rum of the Week – Angostura 7

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Angostura 7

Coming from the famous Trinidad and Tobago company Angostura are more known for their bitters which are the most popular worldwide. This particular rum of theirs is aged for 7 years in Bourbon casks that have only been used once before, so the flavours from the barrel are rich with both vanilla from the bourbon and char from the young barrel.

Angostura is personally one of my favourite brands of rum having tried the 1919 and the 1824 expressions. The 7 is a lot younger but still has tastes of toffee, maple and some cocoa, but that’s not to say it’s too sweet because there’s a ton of spice similar to the bitters that nicely balances it.

Cocktail Suggestions

Cuban Daquiri

A great sour drink with a little sweetness and extra bitters to bring out the rum.