Rum of the Week – El Dorado 5

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El Dorado 5

To me this needed no introduction, I love the El Dorado brand and have had the 12 and the 15 year old, needless to say the bottles weren’t around for long! The brand has won many of awards over the years and I do get asked for it a lot. It is a Demerara Rum which means it has to be made in Guyana as a geographically protected term and associated with a lot of Navy Rum too.

The rum is blended between 2 different types of stills and then aged in bourbon barrels for at least 5 years before being bottled. The result is a sweet, spicy rum that oozes with caramel, molasses. butterscotch and demerara with a little bit of dried tropical fruit in there as well. It could easily be enjoyed neat or over ice.

Cocktail Suggestions

Demerara Swizzle

A short and sweet cocktail served over crushed ice, except I would replace traditional sugar syrup for demerara sugar to bring out the rum a bit more.

  • Fresh Lime juice
  • El Dorado 5 Year Old
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Demerara Sugar
  • Angostura Bitters