Gin of the Moment – Sloane’s

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Sloane’s Gin

An award winning gin from the Netherlands, Sloane’s is ‘Unashamedly inspired by great gins’ and aspires to be the best. With a fairly unique method of distilling each botanical separately making it full of flavour while still having the smooth spirit after being distilled 7 times.

It is named after Sir Hans Sloane who was an 18th century botanist and said to discover a lot of botanicals we see in many gins today. Sloane’s has 9 botanicals in total, but it is the citrus peel and vanilla pods that come through most I find giving it an almost creamy finish.

Cocktail Suggestions

While looking around this one jumped out at me straight away as we love Star Wars! And it’s not just a good pun either.

Sir Hans Solo

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