Gin of the Moment – Williams Pink Grapefruit

Williams Pink Grapefruit

You can expect what this gin will be like based solely on the bottle and it’s name! It taste like grapefruit! But it is a whole lot more than that because the Williams Distillery uses potatoes as there base spirit for most of their spirits, both gin and vodka and is a very good standard to begin with, having all of it being grown on site in Herefordshire. He started out with a completely different product, Tyrell’s Crisps.

We’ve had a few of the different spirits that Williams offer and all of them have been really tasty. This one in particular you can smell the fruit as soon as you open the bottle and taste it just the same with it still keeping it’s strength at 40%. Perfect in a G+T with Grapefruit rind, or wedge with our Double Dutch Mixer.

Cocktail Suggestion

William’s Breakfast

All the things you might find in and around making your breakfast loaded up with wonderful gin! Crisp and Fresh! A twist on a Breakfast Martini